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Widen the gap between your last day of work and your last day on planet earth

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Chris and I have successfully helped over 400 families enter retirement. Some of those folks continue to live a wonderful and fulfilling retirement. Unfortunately, some only had a brief time to enjoy their retirement.

You see, once in a while a client will have an unexpected illness fall upon them. Unfortunately it’s happened a number of times, and as recently as a few months ago to a great client. We’ll call him Joe. He retired at age 65. By age 67 he’d passed from lung cancer. Thirty-five years of working towards two years of retirement.

By now you might be asking what this could possibly have to do with blooom and 401k help…fair enough. Here is your answer:

I find myself asking the question, if blooom had been around for Joe 30 years ago, would he have been able to retire at age 55? If so, he would have had 12 years of retirement versus 2 years. What could Joe have done with those extra 3,650 days/87,600 hours/5,256,000 minutes of retirement? Would he have made it to more of the grandkids’ soccer games? Would he and his wife spent more quality time and moments together? How many more lives would he have touched at his church or in his community? Hauntingly and unfortunately, I think he might have accomplished more.

And there you have it.

I think blooom can widen the gap between your last day of work and your last day on planet earth. In fact, a study was done by AON Hewitt, “If two participants—one using Help (like blooom) and one not using Help—both invest $10,000 at age 45, assuming both participants receive the median returns identified in the report, the Help participant could have 79 percent more wealth at age 65 ($58,700) than the Non-Help participant ($32,800)”

Typically, working with a professional can help you accomplish your goals with a better and faster outcome. You want to get in better shape, you need to hire a personal trainer at the gym. If you want to be a better singer, you get a professional voice coach. You want to be a better ball player, you get a coach to give you private lessons. You want a better/sooner retirement you need to find a professional advisor for your 401k.

I’m fairly sure Joe would’ve gladly paid blooom to help him try and pick up another ten years of retirement. Although we can’t go back in time and help Joe, we can help the other 88 million folks out there with a 401k. And guess what…you are probably part of that 88 million. See if we can help you widen the gap.

Published on September 30, 2014