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Why is ***k a dirty word?

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A censored conversation about 401ks, retirement accounts and why we went off the rails with a new ad campaign.

Does talking about your retirement make you uncomfortable? You’re not alone.

According to a study done by Capital Group and American Funds, people are more comfortable talking with friends about marital discord, mental health, addiction, race, sex, and politics than money.

WARNING: the following content may be disturbing to some readers.

We’re here today to talk about your ***k. 

We know. It’s not considered polite to bring up in public, but you’ve been ignoring your ***k for a while now. It’s time to give it the attention it deserves. 

Let’s start off by saying blooom is not your typical f******** advisor. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to your ***k. We don’t have minimums and can manage regardless of where they’re held. 

And don’t think we stop at ***ks! ***s are also something we can take a look at. 

Some people who come to blooom are self-conscious about the fact that they have more than one ***k. No problem! We see it all the time. And are happy to help when it comes to rolling over your ***s. 

We’ve seen all types of ***ks in all sorts of conditions. If you think your ***k is out of whack, just get hooked up with blooom and we can help.

But why the f-words?!

We’ve tried it all—babies, puppies, free burritos—nothing seems to make the retirement conversation more approachable. So we’ve swung the other direction. Why not remove the f******** (financial) words altogether!? 

If you thought talking about your 401k was awkward, here’s a little taste of how awkward it could be if you DON’T get yours checked out. Turns out ignoring your retirement is worse. 

Are we going to drop some jaws? Probably. (We had someone cancel their blooom subscription over a fart joke once.) But if it incites people to think about… or better yet take a look at their neglected retirement accounts via blooom or otherwise, we’ve furthered our mission to make retirement better for everyone. 

Please, let us check out your ***k. We’d love to help.

Blooom is a digital financial management service bringing affordable retirement advice to the masses. The retirement dashboard is complimentary. Connect your IRA, 401k, 403b, 401a, 457, TSP or brokerage today for free insights into your investments. 


Published on May 13, 2021