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The Water Coooler

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Here are a few things we’ve been tossing around the blooom (virtual) office this month…

Apple developing ‘Pay Later’ service to let customers buy any Apple Pay purchases in monthly installments

Apple now joins an ever-expanding market of “buy now/pay later” products and services. This has us thinking… if only the process of saving for retirement could use this same “reverse-layaway” approach. Retire now, save for it later? Come on Apple!

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Dutch Tulip Bulb Market Bubble Definition

Markets of all kinds are on fire right now and get-rich-quick speculation is approaching concerning levels in certain types of assets around the globe. All of this tends to lead to a lot of talk about asset price “bubbles”. Yet, we can look no further than to Tulips in the 17th century for a little perspective on the topic of bubble mania…

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Microsoft Excel Esports Tournament is Real and Actually Happening

The official Twitter account for Microsoft Excel posted a link to an upcoming esports tournament between “eight top financial modelers.” Next stop, Paris 2024?

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Risky Business

All jokes aside, risk tolerance is a very tricky thing for many investors to grasp too! You might think playing it safe with a conservative approach is protecting you, when in fact taking less risk early can actually be far riskier to you when it comes to the likelihood of reaching your long-term goals, especially when your time until retirement can still be counted in decades, rather than years. On the other hand, taking too much risk to try to “catch-up” and maximize returns as you near retirement, can also be riskier for some. So what’s an investor to do? Talk to a blooom advisor!


The information is provided for discussion purposes only and should not be considered as advice for your investments. 

Published on July 27, 2021