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Am I paying too much in hidden fees?

Let blooom analyze your 401k or IRA to discover what you are paying in investment fees. We’ll also let you know if we find ways to reduce those fees, which means you could keep more of your money invested.

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Am I saving enough for retirement?

Finding the right balance between living today and saving for tomorrow is hard. Blooom can help you understand what you could expect to receive in retirement so you can make decisions about your savings today.

Should I save more?

How much will I need in retirement?

It’s hard to tell if you’re on track if you don’t have a goal. Blooom can help you set a goal for your retirement and then you can adjust that goal as your needs change. We’re here for you.

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Could I retire early?

You can’t take it with you, so at some point you’ll want to start spending some of that money you’ve been saving for retirement. But how soon is too soon? Our retirement tools will show you the impact of retiring a year or two early (or staying a year or two longer).

When can I retire?

How much income can I expect in retirement?

You’ve worked hard and saved and you expect to have some money waiting for you in retirement. But what could you expect for your month-to-month expenses and how long will it last? We’ll break down your retirement into an expected monthly income, so you can visualize what life in retirement could be like (we like to imagine our toes in the sand while holding a cold drink).

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What’s the catch?

It’s our mission to help everyone make good decisions about their retirement.

The industry hides behind jargon, complex reports, and complicated forms.  We live to strip that away and help people understand one of their most important financial assets…their retirement account.

So we created the blooom profile where people can tell us a bit about themselves and get some answers about their retirement.

And if you get everything you need just by setting up your blooom profile, that’s great. We are glad that we were able to help.


Retire happy!

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