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Do you have a retirement strategy? Does that question overwhelm you? Blooom to the rescue! Get a financial advisor’s opinion of your retirement accounts for FREE. Then thanks to your bestie, get $20 off if you choose to hire us!

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Become a client and get a personalized portfolio through our financial planning software. Choose from three tiers that include:

    • Research & portfolio design
    • Risk allocation
    • Fund diversification
    • Minimized investment fees when possible
    • Trades executed on your behalf (optional)

In the months & years following…

    • Enjoy ongoing optimization
    • Portfolio monitoring
    • Market watch
    • Fund research
    • Milestone adjustments
    • Auto optimization (optional)
    • Withdrawal alerts
    • Access expert financial advice
    • Ask an advisor
    • Quizzes & calculators
    • Education center
    • Quarterly newsletter
    • Advisor insights

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blooom clients enjoy…

Personalized portfolio

Whether you’re invested in a company-sponsored plan or an IRA, blooom can build a personalized portfolio for your goals. Combine the expertise of our advisors with blooom’s planning technology to define a fund lineup that is diversified and low cost. Then, let blooom implement changes or choose to make them on your own.

  • Research & portfolio design –  Identify a personal strategy and match that to the funds available in your account.
  • Risk allocation – Define a stock/bond mix that suits your risk tolerance.
  • Fund diversification  – Research the funds available to you to find the best options in each asset class.
  • Minimized investment fees – Eliminate unnecessary investment fees within your account by choosing lower cost, diversified options.
  • Trades executed (optional) – Enlist blooom to make the trades on your behalf or choose to implement the fund selection yourself.

Ongoing optimization

A strategy is only as good as your commitment to it. That is why blooom provides ongoing optimization through portfolio monitoring. As circumstances change in the market, or your life, blooom will adjust your allocation to keep you on track. Withdrawal alerts add an extra layer of security to your hard-earned nest egg.

  • Portfolio monitoring – Blooom’s technology will keep an eye on your account as circumstances change and make adjustments as needed.
  • Market watch – We watch the market so you don’t have to. Look to blooom for when to make changes instead of sensationalized media.
  • Fund research – Keeping on top of research as new funds become available and as a circumstances change.
  • Milestone adjustments – Regularly adjust your allocation to manage risk as life events affect your strategy.
  • Auto optimization – Choose to have blooom optimize as needed, or opt to be alerted and implement the changes yourself.
  • Withdrawal alerts – Receive a text message if blooom detects a withdrawal from your retirement account.

Expert financial advice

Blooom unlimited clients get access to real-life financial advisors—available to answer any and all finance questions. Our experts translate the financial jargon by providing tools around topics applicable to your investments and overall financial health. Our team, and our software, work together to help you get financially fit.

  • Ask an advisor – Get access to a financial advisor for any questions you may have regarding your finances.
  • Quizzes & calculators – Tools to help analyze and understand the impact of your investments.
  • Education center – Articles to empower you to share your smarts.
  • Quarterly newsletter – Updates on what’s happening in your blooom accounts and relevant news topics.
  • Advisor insights – Timely, relevant opportunities to help you save smarter. Ex: The Fed cut rates! Should you remortgage your house?

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