Retirement Investment Strategy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: we're here for you — not your company, broker or institution. We think everyone deserves access to professional independent financial advice.

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Three parts to investing.

We can't control the market, but we can control how we invest in it. Blooom's strategy focuses on cost and decision making while managing risk for unpredictable performance.



Others may try and sell you on their ability to predict the market. We'll stick to time-tested methods—managing risk as you near retirement.



We believe the fees associated with your investments are a better predictor of reaching retirement goals than following historical performance.


Decision making.

Allowing blooom to manage your account provides peace of mind that a fiduciary organization is advising you on your 401k and IRA options.


We're in it for the long haul.

The road to retirement is an unpredictable one. That's why we invest our time and research on managing risk through proper asset allocation, and avoiding high fees. We're here to keep your strategy on track.

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Squash the fees, please.

Once we have your mix of stocks and bonds determined, we find the lowest-cost option in each fund category available within each plan. Why? Besides the obvious reasons, (we hate Wall Street worming its way into your investments) studies have shown that the cost of investment fees could have detrimental impact on your hard-earned nest egg.

Decision making

It's all about financial fitness.

We do the heavy lifting for you—constantly monitoring for the right time to make trades to put you back on track. Our advisors are here to help you make stronger decisions about your finances.... 401k, IRA and beyond.

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“We believe everyone deserves access to honest, professional financial advice.”

Chris Costello, Co-founder