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Our Mission

We believe every American deserves smart, simple, affordable retirement help. Too much to ask? Wall Street thinks so.

We keep it real.

The financial industry is broken. We exist to fight for all those who have been ignored or preyed upon by big financial giants. Instead of sleeping in tents on Wall Street, we've created a technology to help people DO SOMETHING about the injustices of shady financial management. In a world where professional advice is purposely confusing and often unavailable to a large percentage of those who could use it the most. We are here to change the culture of investing—starting by putting people first.

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We keep it simple.

We promise to talk to you like a human—no jargon, no confusing charts or mental math calculations. You deserve to simply understand what's in your retirement account. Because, it's the little things you do now, that can make all the difference when it comes time to smashing your alarm clock.

"Our goal is to bring simplified financial services to the millions of neglected savers in this country."

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We keep it clean.

No conflicts of interest here. We are not associated with any big banks or financial institutions. As a fiduciary, you are our #1. There's no moving your retirement account, or pressuring you to save more. You'll never hear a sales pitch from us, unless it's truly in your best interest.

Keep it going!

We get it. Thinking about retirement is boring, saving is challenging and planning is confusing. That is why we promise to...

Congratulate you for saving for retirement—any contribution puts you ahead of most people.

Let you keep your hard-earned money where it's located.

Let you cancel service directly from the application.

Never force you to call an 800-number and sit through annoying prompts to get help.

Never rent, sell, or share your personal information with anyone, EVER.

Do everything possible to optimize your long-term retirement savings.

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