Our Approach

Simply put: We want to make sure you’re invested to your full potential… the smartest funds… with the lowest fees.

Save Smarter 

Our method was developed by a Certified Financial Planner™ to maximize your retirement options. Based on decades of market data, we have created an algorithm to optimize almost any 401a, 401k, 403b, or 457 account.

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Based on Proven Results

This isn’t rocket science, but it’s close. Any smart investor will tell you that you can’t beat the market... but you can ride the waves all the way to the bank.

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20+ years from retirement?

Stocks! Stocks! Stocks-stocks-stocks!

You’re hip, you’re cool. You can handle more ups and downs in the market, knowing long-term returns will likely be higher.

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Nearing retirement?

Bonds. Safe bonds.

Time to play it a little safer, but still maximize returns. Protect a greater percentage of your savings by investing in more bonds.

Want to grow your know? Here’s more on our market philosophy.

Common Mistakes People Make with their 401ks

We’ve analyzed hundreds of thousands of accounts, and found 5 common problems that are easily avoided.

  • Wrong Stock to Bond Ratio
  • Not Investing All Their Money
  • Not Meeting the Employer Match
  • High Hidden Fees
  • Forgetting to Rebalance
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How blooom approaches your 401k:

Our algorithm generates beyond-human-calculations to identify the right investments for your ideal 401k.

1. Scrub Your Options

We start by taking a look at the options in your 401k and eliminating the funds that don’t make sense for your retirement goals. We aim for index funds (funds that track the market), occasionally using an actively managed fund if it fills a hole you’re missing.

2. Crunch The Numbers

Once we’ve identified the right funds to get you closest to your target allocation, our algorithm will select the ideal investments based on expense and manager experience. Of course, we double-check the results and cross-references with your recommended 401k allocation.

3. Keep An Eye On The Prize

Blooom watches your account for any changes to your fund lineup, or account preferences, until it’s time for another regularly scheduled rebalance. In the meantime, we make our certified financial planner available to you for any questions you might have about your 401k or other finances!

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