Your 401k Might Be Underperforming

When you DIY your 401k a lot can go wrong. You can miss out on potential returns and also end up paying more investment fees than you probably realize.

Middlemen like your employer and your 401k provider (e.g. Fidelity or T. Rowe Price) aren’t offering your 401k for free. In some instances employers pay little or nothing for providing a 401k because the cost of the plan is passed on to you in the form of investment fees. Furthermore, no one tells you what funds are actually the best for you. Instead, you’re either put into a default option or are forced to pick your investments on your own. After decades in the retirement planning industry, I got sick of watching hardworking people fall victim to high-fee funds without an affordable way to get practical advice on how to grow their nest egg. The 1% was getting good advice but everyone else wasn’t.

What Sets Us Apart

I founded blooom on the belief that professional 401k help should be smart, simple and available to all Americans. Leveraging technology and a braintrust with decades of experience, blooom can analyze your current 401k and provide recommendations on how to invest and potentially minimize investment fees, all online and all in under five minutes.

We want to help your retirement. Your account balance size doesn’t matter $10,000 or $10 million, we treat everyone the same because your retirement matters to us. Let us show you how blooom can help your retirement with a free analysis.

Chris Costello- Chairman & Co-founder

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