Facts and Stats

If you prefer facts and stats to marketing-speak, you'll love this data we've dug up. Learn a bit more about blooom and the people who love us.

Americans and Retirement*


of Americans worry that they will not have enough money to get through their retirements.


of Americans have not saved a cent toward retirement.


of retirees say they don't know enough about managing investments to make their savings last.


of households are “at risk” of not having enough to maintain their living standards in retirement.


of private sector workers have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Client Age

Sprout and full grown flower group


Age of youngest blooom client


Age of median client


Age of oldest blooom client

Currently managing more than 3 Billion in assets ... and growing.

Account Balance

pigs balancing on a scale


Smallest 401k balance managed by blooom


Largest 401k balance managed by blooom


Median 401k balance managed by blooom

Stock / Bond Mix

Wilting Flower


Clients that were too conservative with their 401k portfolio before blooom

Flower with pointy spikes


Clients that were too aggressive with their 401k portfolio before blooom

Target Date Funds

Arrows hitting a bullseye


Clients in target date funds pre-blooom


Clients who were misusing target date funds


Average % fee reduction for clients who were invested in target date funds

Hidden Fees

Bite Taken Out of Dollar Bill


Projected hidden fees saved by our clients by retirement²


Median client hidden fee savings projected by retirement³


Median client hidden fee savings in year one


Percentage of 401ks whose hidden fees we're able to reduce

A Million Dollar Yacht

425 (and growing)

# of million-dollar yachts Wall Street CAN'T buy due to our clients' lifetime fee savings

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