How blooom

Take a peek behind the inner workings of bloom’s technology. This is how we pick the best funds for your 401k.

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Find the right allocation.

Start with some simple questions about you and your investing habits. This helps us recommend an investment strategy.

Next, we do research on diversification.

Securely link your existing 401k and let our bots do the research. Large cap? Small cap? Emerging markets? Identifying which funds are available to you can be confusing and messy. We make it simple.

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Your Personal Analysis

We’ll give you a quick look at your current vs. ideal allocation, diversification and fees. All for free!

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Invest in the funds with lowest fees.

After your analysis, blooom will place the trades within your account for a low flat fee. We work to save you money by making choices based on fund cost, as well as being smart about how often we make trades.

Here’s what blooom can do for you.


Do the research.

Our technology is backed by the power of financial advisors.


Pick the right funds.

We place the trades so you can be sure you’re making the right ones.


Keep you on track.

We’ll monitor and make changes as you near retirement.

Link for free.

Start with a free 401k analysis. No strings attached.