Retirement Account Monitoring and Alerts

Suspicious Activity Alerts

Keep Wall Street and any other sneaky people out of your hard-earned savings. Blooom continuously monitors your account for any large withdrawals or suspicious activity.

blooom shield

An extra layer of protection.

Hardworking Americans, listen up! If you're like us, your workplace retirement accounts (401k, 403b, 401a and 457) and IRA accounts might be your primary retirement savings. While most of the major financial institutions have protections in place to help prevent someone from tapping into your hard-earned savings, we're here to add an extra layer of security.

phone with account alert

Get text message alerts.

We'll continuously monitor your managed accounts for any withdrawals. In the unlikely event we detect a withdrawal or loan, we'll alert you via text messaging* or email. This feature is automatically included with your blooom membership.

3 points of protection.

At blooom, we're protecting you in three important ways:

Protecting you from the hidden fees Wall Street loves to sneak past you.

Protecting you from being blindsided by fraudulent activity on your retirement account.

Protecting you from reacting to market swings by putting experts in control of your portfolio.

It's just one more way we're focused on helping you make the most of your 401k and IRA!