Reducing Hidden Fees

Nom, nom, nom… Is that the sound of hidden fees munching away at your hard-earned dollars?

Find the Elusive Specimen

Investment management fees are sneaky things. And they can be detrimental to your savings! Fees are buried in a fund’s prospectus—requiring a load of math and a law degree to truly understand how that particular version applies to your unique situation. Fair? We think not.


Find Fees Lurking in your 401k

Every 401k is a different animal. Each fund has an investment expense represented as a percentage. The percentage is multiplied by the amount you have invested in that fund and taken out every year. You probably don’t even see it or realize it. This happens with virtually every fund you invest in. The real problem is that these hidden fees can vary wildly by fund.


Combat the fees! Take Back Your 401k!

You have three options when it comes to battling hidden fees:

Remain in the dark with your fingers crossed that you aren’t racking up any unnecessary fees.

Research every fund in your 401k, map out the lowest fees and translate the ratio into actual dollars.

Still not convinced? Try out our hidden fee calculator to see how much you could be saving.

Is Wall Street getting rich off your 401k?

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