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No offense to Eenie, Meenie, Miney or Moe, but there’s a smarter way to pick funds in your 401k.

No PhD in finance required.

401ks are confusing. If you are like most of our clients, you may not be totally confident that you have selected the right investments in your 401k. Who could blame you? You have enough going on in your life. Most of our clients also freely admit they are not confident in their investment-picking skills. You have to really enjoy finances to get into this stuff. But getting your portfolio right can have significant impacts on long-term growth.

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Your company is NOT managing your 401k. You are.

Some of our clients mistakenly believe their company or retirement provider is managing the investments in their 401k. Your employer (and provider) are making the investments available to you, but you’re probably on the hook to pick and manage your account.

The trusted advisor at every stage of your 401k journey.

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Early in your career?

Think stocks. If you have more than 20 years until retirement, consider putting most (or all) of your retirement portfolio in the stock market. You can weather the ups and downs since you won’t need to access this money for decades. And remember... you only feel the effects of a loss if you sell. And being invested too conservatively could mean missing out on potentially greater returns over time. Is your 401k bloooming?

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Approaching (or in) retirement?

Let’s start investing more dollars in bonds. When you’re close to retiring, you still want a good portion invested in stocks to keep returns coming in, but security of your nest egg is equally important. Many of our clients approaching (or in) retirement were invested too aggressively, which meant they ran the risk of not being able to retire as planned, should the market hit a downturn. That is, until they hired blooom.

We work for you.

When you put blooom to work on your 401k, you have the confidence that someone knows precisely what you’re invested in and that it is ideal for your age and retirement horizon. We have clients at thousands of companies — so we understand every investment option available. We have clients ranging in age from 18 to 76, so we are knowledgeable in the differing needs of people at various stages of their career (and life).

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You have what it takes.

Five minutes. It couldn’t be much easier. Once you become a client and link your 401k, blooom will research every fund in your 401k and put you in the optimal portfolio for your situation.

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