Fiduciary and CFP

Our Certified Financial Planners are amazing advice-givers. Now if there were only a certification for being awesome...

Secure. Transparent. Simple.

Up until now, finding a Certified Financial Planner™ that would take the time to give you 401k advice was akin to finding a unicorn. But alas, blooom has changed that. We’ve helped thousands of people improve their 401k, reduce hidden fees and risk. Founded by a CFP, blooom uses a proprietary algorithm to actively manage and rebalance your account.

What makes a CFP a CFP?

A Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP) is someone who is qualified to advise a client on investment strategy, retirement planning, debt reduction, insurance needs analysis and managing your money. On top of a college degree, it takes a pile of extra schooling, a minimum length of industry experience and a grueling exam to earn a CFP designation.

Why in tarnation do you need a CFP?

A CFP typically has a deeper, more well-rounded, and less emotional view of personal finance. They can help you with complicated financial questions. For instance, over 40 million Americans have student loans and the class of 2015 is graduating with an average of over $35,000 in student debt (Berman, 2016). Many of them have put off retirement in order to pay down debt. A Certified Financial Planner™ can help you navigate those types of decisions.

DID YOU KNOW blooom clients have access to a CFP? Just ping us on chat, email, Morse code, singing telegram, Pony Express… well, you get the idea, we are accessible.

What is a Fiduciary? aka – The “F” word

A fiduciary is legally obligated to always act in your best interest. Period. The. End. Blooom always has been, and always will be a fiduciary. That means you can rest assured that you are getting guidance and investment advice in your best interest, not what will make them the most money.

Blooom was founded by a CFP with the focus of getting 401k help to those that find their 401k confusing, intimidating and over-whelming. You just might find our help…dare we say helpful? Our algorithm can give you a 401k analysis in 5 minutes. Click “Start Now!” above before you read the latest Buzzfeed article about cats. (we’re animal lovers too).