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Is your retirement account able to be managed by blooom? We support most 401ks, 401as, 403bs, 457s, TSPs and IRAs. Connect your employer-sponsored account or IRA today for a free analysis.

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IRA Management

If you have an existing IRA at Fidelity, Charles Schwab or Vanguard, blooom can manage it! Whether it’s a traditional IRA, roth IRA, SEP IRA, nondeductible IRA, Spousal IRA, Simple IRA or Self-directed... we can help optimize your portfolio for your goals.

401k Management

If you are saving through an employer-sponsored plan, like a 401k, chances are blooom can manage it. While we are limited to the funds chosen by your employer, we are here to do the research, provide truly unbiased advice and build a portfolio that best suits your goals. No need to move your money. We can take of it right where it is!

401a Management

Many government and non-profit organizations offer 401(a) plans. Great news, blooom can likely manage your 401(a)! Once we understand your tolerance for risk and retirement goal, we can research, analyze and recommend the optimal funds for your situation. Choose to have blooom manage your 401a and we’ll even place the trades and monitor for changes on your behalf so you can be sure you’re properly invested.

403b Management

If you work at a public schools, tax-exempt organization or ministry, your 403(b) plan can likely be managed by blooom. Start with the complimentary checkup to see if you’re on track, then we can help you decide which funds are best for your situation. And remember, we won’t ask you to move your money! We can manage it right where it is.

457 Management

Your 457 plan operates similarly to a 401k or other employee sponsored account, and is therefore likely manageable by blooom! We understand the key differences and intricacies of working with 457s. Whether you’re a independent contractor, or governmental employee, blooom works with your account to make sure you’re optimized for your goals.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Management

Your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) was designed to give federal employees and members of the uniformed services the same retirement-savings benefits as private sector workers. We have seen thousands of TSPs and would love to help you optimize yours.

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