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3 New Year’s Resolutions that Take 5 Minutes

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Simple Resolution #1: Protect your online finances and identity.

If you had to make a guess, how many passwords do you think you have for all the products and services in your life? 20? 50?…

While we’re focused on our own cyber security as a business, we know that responsibly maintaining your own digital life can seem pretty daunting. The reality of our world today is that there are unfortunately people and entities that spend their time trying everything they can to capitalize on mistakes you might make online.

Fraud has increased in 2020 with more online purchases being made due to quarantine. Take a few minutes today to enable something called two-factor authentication (aka 2FA or MFA).  It involves a process of directly sending you a random and temporary access code on a device you have chosen, like your cell phone, immediately after your username and password have been entered. This means that even if an unauthorized person or entity obtained your login credentials somehow, they would not be able to get in without this temporary code sent to YOU. You can find the free app for iPhone or Android easily by searching 2FA, our current favorite is the Google Authenticator.
Learn more about Cyber Security.



Simple Resolution #2: Schedule your physical.

Nothing like a global pandemic to teach us how important your health is, mentally and physically. Health and wealth go hand-in-hand. While we all have been taking care of each other in 2020, it’s important to not forget about yourself. 

Feeling healthy? Great! But it’s still worth a visit to the doc (at least once a year). Not only does it keep that line of communication open, you get that peace of mind knowing you’re on the right track. Plus, many insurance plans cover the cost of a yearly preventive health care visit. As hospital and doctor office visits are on the rise, make it a priority to schedule your 2021 physical now so you don’t have to worry about it later.



Simple Resolution #3: Check your investments.

You get your teeth checked, you get your oil checked, but do you regularly get your investments checked? Oftentimes we don’t think about these important things until something goes wrong, or it’s too late to fix. 

If you’re wondering… Is my investment strategy sound? Which funds are best for my situation? Am I paying unnecessary fees? Where is my 401k held?

Don’t be overwhelmed, we have one simple answer for you– ASK BLOOOM. 2020 has been a dumpster fire (putting it lightly) but your finances don’t have to be.

So you have a retirement account and contribute to it regularly, that’s great (virtual high five, GO YOU!). Simply saving money is a huge step towards retiring comfortably. However, if you’re not 100% confident you picked the right funds for your situation you may want to look into our FREE checkup. That’s right, there are no strings attached to find out the right allocation for you and if/how you can save on unnecessary fees. 

After you see the health of your account, you have the option to hire us to make the changes. Our team of experts will keep your account monitored and managed all year long for a low flat annual fee. Yep, we’re a fiduciary financial advisor that doesn’t take a percentage of your earnings. 

Do you feel accomplished now? You should. New year’s resolution COMPLETE.


Are your investments ready for 2021?
Take our free quiz to see where you stand. 

Published on December 28, 2020